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Personal Business Ventures With SSM

Business - Wilma Garrett - June 19, 2020

Having a stable job and income beats unemployment. Employment is actually the main goal of most people and there is nothing wrong with that. However, for a more rewarding and fulfilling endeavour, some people opt to do away with being an employee and become a business owner instead. Becoming a business owner doesn’t necessarily mean running a big corporation with a large office and multiple employees, sometimes it is a one-man show undertaking. Believe it or not, owning a business is the best way to keep a sustainable lifestyle without the need to conform to superiors and bosses. In addition, owning a business is the way to independence or initially, freedom from the routinary and monotonous grinding of an office routine.  For these reasons, starting a personal business venture is an option most people are willing to explore. Though most are still reluctant to leave a steady paying job that assures job security, some risk-takers are willing to trade this security for a more exciting and rewarding career.

For this exciting career to start, as a business owner the first step is to have company registration Malaysia with the proper agency to ensure a legitimate and lawful operation. In Malaysia, that means registering with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, popularly called SSM. Depending on the type of business and on the industry, there may be additional requirements to make sure that companies are well regulated and in extension ensuring that potential customers will be protected. To give more information, let us get an overview of the common areas for personal ventures.

Dropshipping company – Dropshipping has experienced steady growth in its industry. In view of the number of people preferring a more convenient way to shop, dropshipping businesses are currently thriving in the market. In addition to the convenience it offers, dropshipping is an enterprise that requires minimal capital investment. Also, what makes dropshipping more attractive is there is no need to leave the comfort and safety of home to operate. Consequently, more individuals are registering and trying their hand in this field.

Ride-hailing driver – Currently, ride-hailing applications and services are becoming a staple option in commuting. For this reason, becoming a ride-hailing driver can mean a steady flow of income. Also, as ride-hailing applications are prevalent and the working hours of people in different shifts, full-time employees can become drivers on a part-time basis. With this arrangement, car owners are very much interested in this type of venture.

Food truck owner – Another business that is steadily gaining ground are food trucking businesses. Since the food business is an essential part of everyday living, entering the food industry via food trucking seems like a good start as an independent business owner. With endless demand and endless potential customers, food trucking is an ideal business for food enthusiasts.

The aforementioned ventures are the common enterprises owned by independent proprietors. In an accommodating economy like that of Malaysia, independent ventures are welcomed and even encouraged. Ultimately, the will, perseverance and hard work of individuals make or break a venture. There are other businesses open to individual

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