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Neomodernism: A Style of Architecture

Blogging - Wilma Garrett - October 4, 2021

Neo Modernism in architecture developed at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first century. It was probably created in the year 1965. It is an architectural style that borrows from modernism (in terms of elements and spatial forms) while rejecting its social and urban goals.

The bulk of buildings in this style like those that use scaffolding malaysia have just a neo modernist façade. This is in stark contrast to the modernist idea of seeing the building as a whole.

Neo Modernism is a reaction against the grandeur of eclectic postmodernism as well as a protest against populism in architecture. Neomodernism takes advantage of simplicity, which is a popular form of expression at the moment. Simultaneously, it often resorts to large and flashy, and therefore phoney, responses. Examples include various types of light illuminations and large wall area glazing. Buildings in the Neomodernist style are constructed using either additive or subtractive methods. Their solids are made up of cubic components or spinning forms. Due to its lack of luxury in contrast to other architectural styles, neo-modernism is often used in the construction of apartments.

The “new rigour” is considered as a neo modernist trend. It is based on the building being built in accordance with a constructional idea based on a functional system. The appealing characteristics of such a facility are discussed in depth. Buildings constructed in the “new rigour” style have a very modern feel to them. Deconstructionism is frequently characterised as neo modernism in a broader sense.


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True Property Investment Solutions Are Available Right Now

Blogging, Business - Wilma Garrett - September 23, 2021


Many considerations should be taken into consideration before buying your first rental property. As a result of this blog article, we will show you how to make a smart investment that has the best potential of yielding big profits. The home in Dengkil, Malaysia, is now available for rent. In this regard, the options are ideal for you.


When it comes to getting the greatest price, building a house and a competent broker will spend money on marketing. If you purchased your property via a real estate agent, you should not feel obligated to use that agency again. In all likelihood, if you were pleased with the manner in which they sold your house to you, you’ll want them to return the favor. From a position of trust, it is often not easy for the broker to point out to his customers’ errors that they make themselves and that may cause the sale of their property to take an excessively long time to conclude. To preserve a positive working relationship, the broker will attempt to persuade the customer that it is preferable to carry out some tasks in a different manner.

  • Making logical choices
  • A measure of security
  • The best return on investment (ROI) possible

Which is better: new construction or existing real estate? 

  • The importance of location
  • tenants with buying power
  • the long-term viability of the building
  • And how to assess the return on investment.

Making a Decision Based on Facts and Evidence

The most essential thing to remember when buying your first investment property is to avoid looking at your prospective purchase from an emotional standpoint. With personal purchases, like your own house or vacation rental property, this is something you do naturally.

Prior to everything else, when purchasing an investment property, you should consider how much money the property may possibly generate for you. The term “return” says it all. The best way to do this is via careful selection, taking into consideration the rental and management choices, as well as the additional value you may generate when selling the building.

A sliver of hope

It is suggested that you select a property type that provides some level of security, especially if this is your first investment. This is why residential real estate is the most appropriate investment in this situation. Even in this day and age, housing is a fundamental necessity, and everyone needs a safe place to live. As a result, regardless of the economic environment, it is always preferable to invest in residential real estate for the sake of certainty.

Which is better, new construction or existing property?

While existing real estate has the benefit of already knowing the condition of the structure, new construction, on the other hand, requires you to purchase the property on the basis of a design in progress. It is possible that you may be required to carry out remodeling work if you purchase existing real estate. As a result, it is recommended that current real estate investors consider purchasing new construction, which is frequently more difficult to come across.

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These are the 5 benefits of a metal roof.

Architecture, Blogging - Wilma Garrett - September 21, 2021

metal roof specialist metal roof specialist

Wood and asphalt shingles were always a popular alternative for roofing requirements but were pale compared to the advantages of a metal roof. The durability, lifespan and efficiency of a metal roof are unsurpassed. It is also environmentally beneficial.

A metal roof is quite durable.

A metal roof offers longer durability and can endure longer in comparison with asphalt. You may not actually have to think of re-roofing as a householder. The roofs of metal may endure 2-3 times longer than the roofs of asphalt, which equals a life of 50-60 years. The use of metal roofing like high-end shingles in aluminum and a field secured standing seam makes your roof survive for a long time. The life lifetime of metals like copper and zinc is considerably greater.

It also has low maintenance

Not only do the metal roofs endure longer, but they also require less maintenance. Just to clean up the waste, gutters, touch up the paint and alter the existing gaskets is what you will have to accomplish. The resale would only be needed after around 20 years. Furthermore, under standard conditions you don’t have to worry about corrosion or rust, since the metal roof is waterproof and dry. If you have rubble or the roof itself has built up rubble, it is unlikely that water may pool over a period of time and create damages.

A metal roof is resistant fungi and moss

The steel roof is not affected by the development of mildew, moss, and fungus, as opposed to asphalt or wooden roofs. The growth of fungus or moss can decrease the life of the roof, and you can therefore be certain that you will not have to endure such a problem by installing a metal roof. In addition, if you have rats, plagues, raccoons, and other animals surrounding your region a metal roof is safe.

Good for every season and every climate

If you have a metal roof, your property will keep cool in the heat. In the cold season, ice dams are normal for many households, but they can prevent snow and ice from forming if you have a metal dome. The reason is because the metal roofs are covered with a unique cover that prevents the snow from building up. Much snow will therefore flake off before freezing.

Metal roofing also improves energy saving and makes your house “greener”. A well-insulated metal roof home can assist reduce heat loss in the cold.

Viciousness and attractiveness to curb

Metallic roofs mostly consist of copper, zinc, tin, aluminum, and steel. In addition, the possibilities for styling metal roofs are infinite. The copper roof is nonetheless the costliest, whereas the most popular roofing materials are steel and aluminum. Tiles and shakes are available in a broad variety of textures and forms and can look like a timber roof. You may also make a roof of metal painted in any color and it’s easy to re-paint.

metal roof specialist

metal roof specialist

Due to the various benefits it offers, metal roofing has gained favor among homeowners.

You need a reliable metal roof specialist to install your new roof if you are going to fully experience the benefits.

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Check Out Mega888 Website Now

Blogging, Gambling - Wilma Garrett - September 21, 2021

mega888 website

Playing online casinos is among metropolitans’ favorite weekend activities. Whether it is with loved ones, friends, or casual strangers, it surely does provide a good time. As for now, people can enjoy it on so many levels, both physically and online. For physical type, it will be the slot games, bars, roulette table, and so on. While online, you can scroll through almost all games and play them through your screen. Hence, people now prefer more to online casinos compared to physical casinos, but the choices are there and it is always up to people to view the benefits and disadvantages through their own lenses. 

Sometimes, when discovering and choosing an online casino, there are things that are worth taking note of in keeping you and your money safe. Online casinos popping up like mushroom after rain nowadays so making a safe choice should be the priority, like checking their license first. Check like badges under the website footer, there usually put the verifications there. A safe gaming website would be the one with MGA or UKGC licensed. This is your first green flag. Lose this and sayonara. Check also their security measures, reputation, and so on.

mega888 website

People used to be busy looking for a great online casino, that is until the arrival of the Mega888 website. One of the most successful in the business, made its mark across Southeast Asia lands like Malaysia, Thailand, and more. It is like the gallery of games, offering almost over 150 games with great qualities. With so many big developers working with Mega888, this gives them a sort of advantage because they can offer so many games across so many developers. Here, you will find all the courtesy from fishing games, table games, you name it. Not to mention, you can play them all through your mobile devices, that is in Android or iOS.

Designed by some of the best in business, the games offered at Mega888 is among the best, combining creativity and technology, producing the best looking of games. We are talking about the animations, soundtracks, all the good stuff that will surely elevate your gaming experience to the next level. People also come here for the high rate in their online slots. From beginners to experienced, the interface provided by Mega888 is user-friendly, especially their slot games. Not just that, they are also generous with their bonus and promotions. From welcome bonuses, birthday, daily bonuses, Mega888 will keep you busy thriving and winning.

Speaking of fun, the Mega888 website is also safe to play. They are against all the scammers and online gambling frauds out there and they care about the well-being of their users. All of your payments information, data, the withdrawal will be stored safely and far away from harm. That is thanks to Help2PAy and Eeziepay. Their firewall is also strong and all of your money-related processes will be done with ease and quick, transparently. With great games, great security, engaging environment, this is one of the leading online casinos out there. So wait no more and hop into the family! 

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Things to do Inside a Casino

Accounting, Best Hosting, Blogging, Business, Gambling, General - Wilma Garrett - September 19, 2021

slot casino online malaysia slot casino online malaysia

Casino games can be pretty addicting. Even if you lose money more and more, you still want to play. It’s hard to stop that’s for sure. Then regret comes after realizing how much you’ve already lost. So, to avoid that from happening, to avoid losing big bucks and regrets by the end, here are some tips that can help you out. Just read through the whole article to find out. 


  • So the first thing you need to keep in mind when playing casino games, is that you’re playing for real money. You aren’t just playing for a bunch of tips. You’re actually losing money while losing those chips. You cannot forget that. You need to value your chips as much as you value your money. 


  • Then another thing is to always play on your budget and to never chase losses. Before starting to play, you need to set a budget. And when that budget is gone, you need to have the courage to stop. You don’t get to think that you can still turn things around and that you can do it back by playing the game, no. It can even lead you to lose more. So you need to stop once your budget is gone. 


Now, when it comes to casino games, here are some tips you should learn.


  • Slots come in different kinds of prizes. If it’s still your first time, then it would be best to play on a slot machine that offers a variety of prizes. It can give you a better chance of winning. Focus on one machine as well. You do not want to transfer from one machine to the other. There’s a bigger chance of hitting the jackpot if you stick to one machine. 


  • Then, with baccarat, another popular casino game, what you want to do is to stick to the banker from the start. In this game, the banker has more than a 50% chance of winning. So you would want to stick to his/her side until he loses. You would want to keep that streak going to earn more money.


It is indeed fun and addicting. But we all know how wrong it actually is. But if you can’t prevent yourself from playing casino games, it would be best if you switch up to online casinos instead. You’ll gain more benefits, and it is easier to control.

slot casino online malaysia

slot casino online malaysia

So those are just some of the many tips when it comes to playing casino games. Now if you don’t really want to go to a casino, or you have trouble spending time there, you can always go to an online casino. This is the best way to go, especially if you’re still new to all of these. Guaranteed you’ll learn better. You should also think about signing up at a slot casino online in Malaysia. They have the best benefits, the best prices, etc.

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The Right Unifi for the Best System

Blogging - Wilma Garrett - July 26, 2021

check this out

The speed of a connection is the amount of information transferred per second. It is measured in Megabits per second. When we talk about 20 Mega, it actually means 20 Megabit per second.

check this out

More precisely:

  • 1 bit: in computing designates a 0 or a 1.
  • It takes 8 bits to create a character: a letter for example.
  • 1 Megabit = 1024 bit per second = 128 characters per second
  • 2 types of flow: in reception and in transmission
  • Transmission rate: this is the speed of data transmission from your computer to the exterior.
  • Receive speed: this is the data transfer speed from your operator to your computer. It determines the speed of the download.

The most important is the reception speed, it is this which will determine the speed at which the pages of a site will open or the speed of downloading a file. When you choose a subscription offer with a 20 Mega speed, the 20 Mega relates to the reception speed. The transmission rate is much lower, for example, 1 Mega, which is usually sufficient. You can check this out on the internet.

Good to know: currently, internet providers offer speeds of up to 28 Mega in ADSL.

Connection speed and download speed

The higher the speed, the faster the display of Internet pages, e-commerce websites and the downloads of files (sounds, software, images, videos, etc.) will be.

A difference in speed will not be noticed during small data transfers, such as the display of pages of a site (the difference is only a few hundredths of a second).

On the other hand, you will notice it when downloading large files (music, video, software) which require a significant flow.

Connection speed: depending on the subscription chosen and the distance between your home and the exchange


Telecom operators offer you different subscriptions, most often:

  • 1 to 8 or 10 Mega (ADSL)
  • Up to 20 – 30 Mega (ADSL 2+)
  • Up to 200 Mega with optical fibre

This advertised rate is the maximum possible rate, and not necessarily the rate you will get. The actual speed that you will obtain depends on the distance of your home from the telephone exchange.

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Top 3 Fiction Book Recommendations With Ships In Them

Blogging - Wilma Garrett - July 18, 2021

ship maintenance in malaysia 090925-N-9671T-003 WASHINGTON (Sept. 25, 2009) A Revolutionary War painting depicting the Virginia Navy cruiser Capt. Barron taking the British navy brig HMS Oxford is displayed at the Navy Art Gallery at the Washington Navy Yard. The Navy Art Gallery has a collection of more than 15,000 paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures depicting naval ships, personnel and combat actions from all eras of U.S. naval history. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kenneth G. Takada/Released)

For centuries, ships have always been something fascinating to us. This is probably because getting on board a ship is a once-in-lifetime opportunity for most people. Besides, popular movies such as Titanic only make the curiosity about ships increasing to the public. Putting aside the tragic love story, don’t you feel curious about how a ship is built and how the ship maintenance in Malaysia works? It is indeed something interesting to ponder about with our family members and friends. For those with a career related to ships, then this might not be something unfamiliar to them. Talking about ships, there are actually many fiction books out there where the characters sail across the sea in their ships. Such books have made the readers super invested in the story as they deal with pirates and many other anomalies. If you are interested in such books, here are some books recommended for you to try.

ship maintenance in malaysia

The Captive Kingdom

For avid readers, the name of Jennifer A. Nielsen might not be unfamiliar, especially those who favor young adult fiction. Her book “The Captive Kingdom” is the fourth installment of the series. Originally, the series named “Ascendance Trilogy” only has three books which have won many awards for the great storyline and unique characters. However, Jennifer surprised her readers with the fourth book released in October 2020. This book revolves around the young king of a country named Carthya, Jaron. Despite his charming and mischievous traits, he is a great ruler who managed to win a war with other three neighboring kingdoms surrounding Carthya. In the book, Jaron decided to sail across the sea for his routine sea voyage. However, things came to a halt as his ship was brutally attacked and he ended up getting kidnapped. It becomes obvious later on that the incident was connected to the death of his brother, Darius. Jaron was forced to confront his past after the death of his whole family a few years back. The royal family were killed after being poisoned by a regent named Conner, making sure that none of the royal family survived aside from Jaron. However, he found himself doubting that fact after the possibility of the crown prince Darius being alive was highly possible. Follow on Jaron’s sea voyage and his adventure in figuring out the truth. Like many other fiction works of Jennifer, this work is an excellent book to entertain yourself due to her great writing skills and humorous content.

Percy Jackson: The Blood of Olympus

If you are new to this series, then good luck figuring out the order of the books since there are more than 10 books in the whole series. However, don’t worry too much since you can definitely figure the order quickly once you meet another fan of this series. Also have fun in choosing your favorite book out of all the books since we don’t do that in the fandom. The witty writing and in-depth details of the characters make it hard to choose since all of them is a very satisfying read. Despite that, we are looking for a book revolving around a ship in it. Hence, you should try reading Percy Jackson: The Blood of Olympus. The characters led by one of the main characters, Percy Jackson went through one hell of an adventure battling monsters and demigods in order to stop a war. The group traveled to Athen in a massive warship called The Argo II. 

Last Words

In conclusion, here are some of the books recommended to the fans of ships. Through these books, you can experience the adventure done by the characters as they travel across the sea using ships. 

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Things You Need To Consider When Building A House

Blogging - Wilma Garrett - July 9, 2021

When we’re imagining building a house, most probably we are so enamored with the designing process, choosing furniture, deciding the vibe and the color palette of the home, and racing in our Perodua Bezzas to the nearest IKEA and find inspiration. 


But there the other side of house building that most of us would forget, for example: What kind of roof should we use? Solar? Wood Metal? Are there such things as metal roof contractor? How much would it cost? How long does it last? 


Once you open that can of worms, it is going to be hard to look the other way. You now realize there are so many things you need to properly research to build the home of your dreams that is also the sturdy long-lasting house that won’t cost you even more money for preventable maintenance.


Here are some things you should think about while planning to build your house, other than the pretty details: 



Metal Roof Contractor

You might want your house to look like the dream house you see on TV, but also.. you need to look at how much money can or willing to spend on the project. When trying to figure out your budget, never compromise on quality to save money. If you do, most probably you will have to spend more money on maintenance in the future. 


Your life plan 

When you are building a house, most probably you want to stay in it for a long time. It would be wise to think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need in the long term. You can save money in future renovations to add more rooms if you decide before you build the house. 


Building a house is not a small project. It is going to be a mentally draining and timely process, to say the least. Make sure that you are at a place and time in your life where you CAN invest not just the money but also the attention and the time to the house-building process. If you are not sure, it would be a good idea to make a clear timeline so that you can focus on building the house with the amount of attention that it deserves. 


Research for contractors 

Metal Roof Contractor

Contractors are the people who are going to materialize your dream home. You have to make sure that the contractors you choose are 

  • Trusted 
  • Certificated 
  • Have chemistry with you

Never be afraid of being too thorough. The only one who is going to lose is you if you choose poorly. Ask for a portfolio and always meet more than one contractor. The more people you meet, the more you will learn about the field too! More gain for you, and nothing to lose.


These are just very basic things you need to think about, very mundane things, but it is very important to always be sure and prepare. Building a house is a huge commitment the more time you invest, the better. 

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Activities To Do In Oceans Around The World

Blogging - Wilma Garrett - June 27, 2021

If you love the ocean, then you’d be thrilled to find out about all the amazing activities you can do while visiting oceans around the world. If you’re from Malaysia and want to try scuba diving in Hawaii, it’s advisable that you get diving packages Malaysia so that you would already have experience before diving in foreign countries. Activities around the world include:

Parasailing In Key West

In sunny Florida, there is a city called Key West. The sky is the limit over there with their parasailing activities. Fly over the blue seas of the Florida Keys with a friend with their high-flying tandem flight, dangling your toes as you soar through the sky. Along the coast, you might even see dolphin pods dipping and diving.

Flyboarding In Cabo

Flyboarding is definitely the sport for you if you’ve always dreamed of flying like a superhero, specifically like Iron Man. I say this because you will literally be propelled by high-pressure water from the surface of the water so you’d be flying vertically. You can do spins, dives, and any other thing you can think of. While you’re in Cabo, maybe you can have some fun gambling too.

Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride In Bali

Haven’t you ever want to try scuba diving but without the hassle of swimming? With underwater scooters, you can explore the ocean without having to swim. You and your partner could buckle up and go for a ride underwater. Yes, it does look a little weird but it’s a lot of fun!

Swim With Sharks In O’ahu

Contrary to popular belief, sharks won’t really eat you up the minute they see you. The fact of the matter is that humans aren’t even part of their diet. Plus, the most they’d do is probably investigate you and move along. So, if you’re willing to put that stigma against sharks behind you, you should definitely try swimming with the sharks in Oahu. Don’t worry about any of them taking a bite out of you, you’ll be in a metal protection cage.

Sea Caving In Mallorca

With sea caves, you can venture into and subterranean bodies of water you can explore, Mallorca is a beautiful island in Mexico where you can swim through the crystal clear waters and go through what seems like an underwater park created by millennia of coastal weather patterns.

Watersports Package At Miami Beach

It’s not worth it to do just one activity while on vacation in Miami. This package includes adrenaline-pumping activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, and flyboarding, as well as relaxing activities like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. After all of these beach activities, a fruity umbrella cocktail awaits you.

Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkeling In Maui

Snorkelling in Maui can be one of the best and mesmerizing experience you would get, especially if you love sea turtles. You will get to swim near them in the Molokini crater and get to the Turtle Arches to fulfil your dreams of swimming with sea turtles. Hawaii has some of the best snorkelling in the world, making it one of the must-do beach activities on the islands.

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How To Deal With A Cheating Spouse

Blogging - Wilma Garrett - June 24, 2021

the best vibrator for women

Have your husband tried cheating on you and you were able to catch them or maybe, you simply discovered and he confirmed it? Did he say he won’t do it again and asked for your forgiveness? For sure you were quite heartbroken as even if cheating husbands are not uncommon, still if you are the wife, this can be a saddening experience. Some are even ending their relationship because of this. 

the best vibrator for women

So, how are you coping after the whole situation? What is your life now with your cheating partner? It must be hard, but since you forgave him, I guess you really need to deal with it. The following tips might help you in coping. Check this out:

  • Get a lot of support from friends or family. You see, even if you decide to forgive your husband, maybe because you don’t want your kids to have a broken family, still, inside you, it must really hurt. You feel like you are inadequate and at the same time, you will feel like something is lacking to you. This will not be easy as you will be suspicious most of the time and you won’t easily believe your husband as well. Yes, you certainly need a lot of support. 
  • Set aside time for you to talk with your partner wholeheartedly. For sure you have so many questions to ask from him like the details of his infidelity. You surely want to know when it started and how did it happen. You want to know if the girl was random or if he has known her for some time now. You have to note that your husband might not tell you everything right away. Sometimes, it could be because he does now want you to be hurt further or it could also be that he is not willing to completely end the relationship yet. 
  • When that is done, you can set a rule where your husband is obliged to follow. After all, he is the one who needs a second chance. Yes, we have to be clear that he wants a second chance as if that is not the case, there is no need to go on living with him. You will just be miserable. He needs to tell you his whereabouts and he must provide proofs of that. He cannot blame you if his words are not enough anymore. 
  • You should ask your husband to clean up anything that is connected to his mess. All his contacts connected to the girl, the apps and so on should be eliminated. He should not see or use them as he might be tempted to see the girl again. 

And since you decide to still live with your husband, you should also try to forget what he has done and start anew. If you are finding it hard to enjoy at night, you can use the best vibrator for women and men too as they might help!


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