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Why Every Man Should Wear a Wristwatch?

CIGA Watches - Wilma Garrett - February 4, 2020

It is just a sad sight that not a lot of men nowadays are wearing men’s watches in Malaysia. Some say that it is outdated and some say that there are now smartphones that can also help tell the time as well.

Although I wouldn’t argue that smartphones indeed have the ability to tell you what time it is, a wristwatch is not dated by any means. If anything, it is only going to be better from this point onward.

Today, I am going to reveal some reasons why every man should still wear a wristwatch to this day.

Important People Wear Them

Did you know that prominent figures such as Bill Gates, Buzz Aldrin, Warren Buffet, and even Pope Francis are all wearing good wristwatches? Yes, they do! And yes, let that fact sink in. If these people are still wearing wearable timepieces, why shouldn’t you?

They Can Dramatically Improve Your Style

Picture a guy that wears a watch and one that doesn’t. Of the two, which do you think look more appealing to the opposite sex? Which one is more trustworthy and is better-looking? If you answered the first guy, then you are correct!

Watches are not mere accessories that tell the time but it actually dramatically improves your appearance. Whether you are just going on a casual stroll or you are attending a formal event, having a watch on will make you instantly more appealing to others, especially those of the opposite sex.

It is Easily the Best Accessory that Men Can Wear

Women have basically the freedom to choose whatever accessories that want to wear to accentuate their outfits. But men really do not have the same luxury. Only a watch is acceptable to wear other than your coat and tie.

But, what I love about watches is that they are not ‘loud’. They improve your appearance by being subtle because it just accentuates what you are wearing without being too outlandish.

A Watch is a Worthy Investment

What do you think are the things that are considered as ‘good investments’? Well, if you can use them for quite a long time, that is one of the main criteria of a good investment.

Watches are great investments in that they are made to last a really long time and they can also withstand the elements as well. When taken care of in the best possible way, you can even sell them at a watch collector’s auction or you can even hand it down to the next generation as well.

Using a Watch to Tell the Time Prevents You from Being Stuck on Your Phone

Some would argue that watches no longer have a place on your wrist because there are already smartphones available in your arsenal. However, if you whip out your phone, there is a huge chance that you will be tempted to do other things.

Not only is using a wristwatch more convenient if you want to know what the current time is; it also helps you stay away from the one thing that keeps you distracted as well.

A Traditional Watch is So Much Better than a Smartwatch

Despite the smartwatch being more technologically advanced than the traditional watch, the latter has more value than the former.

Every year, a new version of a smartwatch is released making the old one obsolete. An old wristwatch, however, only appreciates in value the longer it stays on.

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Best Websites to Buy Luxury Watches for Wholesale Online (Tips Provided)

CIGA Watches - Wilma Garrett - October 8, 2019

Propelled in 1999, this organization was at first begun to offers its clients with new and unworn brand name watches at limited costs. All the more as of late the organization has extended by offering preowned watches and tolerating exchanges.

The organization plans to offer clients the best shopping background while keeping up model client administrations and extraordinary costs. This organization is the most confided in online hotspot for limited marked watches.


Chrono24 is an online extravagance watch shop that was begun in 2002. The site offers appealing estimating and delivering to in excess of 90 nations. Their stock incorporates brands, for example, Rolex, Omega, IWC, Cartier and a lot of increasingly famous brands.

The vendors are screened and got to in-house before they are permitted to sell on this site. Henceforth on the off chance that you are after validness, you are guaranteed.

Chrono24 doesn’t permit the closeout of imitation or fakes and every one of the wholesalers is required to explore the legitimacy of their items and rundown any alterations made to them.

The buys online requests and buys are completely verified and furthermore guaranteed. Their site is completely enhanced for the universal market to help both the purchaser and vender with substance introduced in 22 dialects.


At Montreal you will locate a wide scope ‘of eminent watch marks that will fulfill your needs. Probably the most notorious watches that you will discover in their shops incorporate the Omega Speedmaster or ageless pieces from Rolex, for example, for example, Submariner or the Dakota.

With Montreal you are guaranteed to verified just online acquisition of 100% ensured veritable watches. Their watches begin from a system of believed brand names. Consequently, they can offer you a select model at a high and focused cost at an absolute first conveyance time.

Watchfinder and Co

Witchfinder and Co. It was established in 2002 and from that point forward it has built up itself as a superior asset from which you can purchase and sell premium pre-claimed watches. There have ‘been the main discount provider of certifiable extravagance brand watches in the UK.

In the event that you are searching for a superior timepiece, the Watchfinder is the best spot to be. With the best production administration focus, they have had the option to give their clients the most, acclaimed brands, for example, TAG Heuer, Omega, and Rolex. You can likewise purchase and sell pre-claimed watches at the most ideal costs.

Amazon sells probably the best too known watches and heaps of some great quality brands offering some nice watches. You will discover a ton of modest discount planner watches at reasonable costs.

In spite of the fact that there some high caliber and costly watch marks that you can’t discover there, for example, Patek Phillipe.

A portion of the watches are sold straightforwardly by Amazon yet others are sold by outsider vendors that utilization Amazon as a window shop. Amazon is additionally famous for their best client support that they offer.

Watch Warehouse

Watch Warehouse is excited about better things that why they have a choice of more than 40 of the most well-known and outstanding watch creators around the world. The watches are looked over the most driving worldwide brands.

The organization totally direct the stock to guarantee that the items hold fast to the best expectations and realness. By doing so they can permit clients with quick, dependable and access to the most wanted pieces.

They guarantee adequate client support by giving a guarantee on chosen brands and extra fix to their esteemed clients. On the off chance that you are looking for the best in ladies’ and men’s limited watches, at that point make certain to find what you searching for at Watch distribution center.


Chinabrands is one of the worldwide driving distributers, situated in China. Their discount business spread more than 200 nations.

Numerous dealers and retailers discount from Chinabrands because of the accompanying reasons:
They offer full class items and more than 500,000 SKU, including, a wide range of marked watches, shoes, dress, 3C items, toys, home-style, excellence and wellbeing and so forth.

They are an extremely accommodating provider for covering low-end to very good quality items lines at discount cost. For example, buy garments from this discount merchant, you can purchase the best at $0.29, and the quality is very great. In the event that you search for top of the line style brand, it might simply cost about $40.

Also, everyone buys in the site, you get CB focuses as remunerations, and you can use it as money next purchase. On the off chance that register as a member, you can get substantially more limits just as get more CB focuses.

Very low cost and CB rephrases focus can boost cut your expense and make energizing more benefits.

This distributer offers SEO-streamlined item portrayals that you can download and transfer to your online stores like Amazon, eBay or some other web-based shopping stage. That will spare much time for you to compose items depictions and help your stores rank better.

It has proficient groups to pick popular items that will sell well. Most storekeepers get insane and have no clue which items should sell.

Chinabrands’ group does the market search and includes that information demonstrated hot sell on-site regular.


Ashford was begun in 1997 yet the organization obtained its site in 2007. The organization gives 100% real and genuine watches. As the organization has been creating, they have had the option to make the tremendous acquisition of enormous amounts of stock.

They have had the option to furnish the clients with the best discount extravagance mechanical watch pieces at the best costs accessible in the market. The organization pride itself for having the option to give their clients the best help.

Ashford items accompany a two-year service agreement and when the watches are transported, they are sent in its unique box with its unique pressing and proprietors manage.


Chronext is the main goal for extravagance watches. At Chronext you will have the option to purchase, sell and administration your watches.

Notwithstanding the fresh out of the plastic new models, they offer they likewise offer vintage and pre-claimed watches. Every one of these timepieces has experienced quality appraisal for legitimacy in their watchmaking atelier.

When you are searching for the best timepiece at Chronext, the organization will give you an advisor who will enable you to out and addresses any inquiry you will have.” Only great is the best for our clients”, the costs of the extravagance watches sold by Chronext are moderate.

Genuine Facet

TrueFacet is an online retailer of bona fide gems and watches. From there site, you can sell and purchase any brand of watches. Their commercial center is worked from dependability, straightforwardness, and genuineness. From this site, the purchaser and merchant can get the best incentive for their thing.

TrueFacet plans to be continually finding better approaches to give legitimate gems at the best cost. They have a group of specialists which values making every single client grin each and every day.


Jaeger-LeCoultre was begun in 1833 as an assembling and discount provider of Swiss watches. The organization throughout the years has been leaving a mark on the world as being among the main watchmakers all around.

Conceived in the Valle de Joux these one of a kind manifestation are a consequence of gifted people who are guided by the suffering mission for greatness, never-ending creativity and a longing to ascend through the difficulties.

Their image watches incorporate ladies’ watches, men’s watches, programmed watches, mechanical watches, minute repeater watches, skeleton watches, ultra-slender watches and so on.

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