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Common Myths Regarding Female Orgasm

Lifestyle - Wilma Garrett - June 22, 2022

Here are myths about sex — and especially about orgasms experienced by female-bodied people — that just won’t die.

Common misunderstandings

People have a lot of false beliefs regarding female orgasms. Some urban legends are:


Psychological issues plague women who are unable to orgasm.


Many individuals with healthy sexual views and strong relationships nonetheless struggle with orgasm, despite the fact that trauma, relationship problems, and poor mental health may make it harder.


Numerous health issues might make it more difficult to enjoy sex in this manner since an orgasm is a physical and psychological reaction.


Due to insufficient lubrication, some individuals find it difficult to orgasm. This might occur when using hormonal birth control, while pregnant, after delivery, or as a result of menopause.


Vulvodynia, or inexplicable discomfort in the vagina or surrounding the vulva, may also affect women. Sexual pleasure may be increased by treating this and other illnesses.


Penetrative sex often causes orgasms and is the best way to express one’s sexuality.


Men who consider themselves experts have long implied that women must climax during heterosexual sex. But for many women, the sole source of orgasm is clitoral stimulation.


According to a reliable source, the vaginal orgasm is the better and more developed orgasm. This assertion is unsupported by any evidence.


Vaginal orgasms are not possible in women.


Although they are less often than clitoral orgasms, some women have vaginal orgasms with or without additional stimulation.


Numerous forms of stimulation, such as clitoral, nipple, and vaginal touch, may cause a female orgasm.


Different forms of stimulation cause orgasms in different people.




To orgasm, a woman must be in love.


Orgasm is a complicated psychological and biological experience; not every woman will reach and experience orgasm in the same way. While some women may not need to feel love in order to orgasm, others could.


The degree to which a person has orgasms during sex may or may not depend on their connection with their partner.


According to a 2018 studyTrusted Source, 86 percent of lesbian women and only 66 percent of bisexual and 65 percent of heterosexual women reported having orgasms during sex, respectively.


Participants had a higher likelihood of regularly orgasming if they:


  • further oral sex


  • had more prolonged sex


  • reported greater satisfaction in relationships


  • asked in bed for what they want.


  • sexually explicit emails or calls


  • during intercourse, conveyed love


  • performed sexual fancies


  • tried different sex positions


If a woman has had an orgasm, her partner can tell.


Without questioning the lady, it is impossible to determine if she has had an orgasm. During an orgasm, some individuals make sounds while others remain quiet. While some people flush or perspire after an orgasm, others do not.

One can inquire about their partner’s orgasm without offending them if they want to know.


Avoid judgment, rage, or feelings of inadequacy if the response is no since these emotions may put pressure on the individual to orgasm, which can cause anxiety and make it harder. Instead, ask them if they favor a different method of having sex.


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How To Reduce Your Shopping Impulse

Lifestyle - Wilma Garrett - September 25, 2021

  1. Make a shopping budget and list

Once you have divided your expenses into categories, you will have a good idea of how much you can spend, so you can save up for a few more months for items that are too expensive, or buy them and then cut back on the next month’s shopping. Make a shopping list both online and when you go shopping so that you don’t buy products you don’t need out of the blue. 

  1. Buy less of the latest products

Don’t follow the trend of new products as soon as they come out, it’s easy to step on them. If you have the initial assumption that a new product is easy to step on, you are less likely to want to buy it. Why not read online reviews first and let time tell if the product is worth it?

  1. Keep an eye on shelf life and record consumption cycles

For products with a shelf life, keep track of how long you use them. When the bottle is opened, when it is empty, how long a 30ml serum/foundation lasts, manage your stockpile and ask yourself before you want to buy if you are really short of the item at the moment? How long will your own hoard last? Are there any products that will expire before you can open the bottle?

  1. Use “Favorites” instead of “shopping cart” and wait for good deals

For many people, “favourites” means “you’ll never look at it again”. Based on this mentality and habit, you can reduce the frequency of opening your favourites and forget about them (they may not work when you open them again). The “shopping cart” contains products that you have wanted many times, have touched on the counter / tried on in the shop, but want to wait for a good price and then buy them during the shopping season.

  1. Always ask yourself do I need or do I want?

Ask yourself if I need it or if I want it. But anything that is somewhat hesitant at the point of purchase is something you can do without! Is it a rigid need or is the wind too strong to be blown out of the water? Will it have any significant impact if I don’t have it? How much pleasure would I get from purchasing it? If it is very happy and that happiness lasts a long time, then buy it!

All in all, you can accomplish the aforementioned suggestions, you are good to go and you would like to have fun online in order to control your shopping impulses, check out best slot game malaysia

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