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Managed Services in Managed VPS

General, Web Hosting - Wilma Garrett - June 27, 2020

Website hosting is exactly like having your own house around the corner. In this house, you store all of your belongings, and live alongside other houses. VPS hosting, on the other hand, functions in a similar manner. However, you own a mansion, instead of a house. Are you looking for best hosting services for your ecommerce platform or blog? Below are some of the important things you need to know.

1. Security updates

Website security must always be a number one priority. Here are of the aspects you should focus on.

  • Vulnerability patching
  • Kernel updates
  • cPanel updates
  • Operating System patches

2. Software firewall management

If you are not familiar with software management, feel free to ask the help of expert professionals. They can manage all the security and firewall systems for you. These people have the knowledge and experience to implement all the security rules, and further secure the system.

3. Website optimization

Your server’s environment is possible to be modified in order to accommodate your needs, from the content management system you prefer to all the different kinds of modules and servers.

4. Managed Clustered DNS

A DNS, or domain name system, allows people to connect to websites by functioning as intermediaries between servers and users. As an official part of DNS, the domain will own a zone file, telling computers where to load web pages from, and send mails to.

When it comes to clustered DNS, zone files are stored in various multiple servers.

5. Proactive Virus Scanning

Hire hosting professionals who can monitor and manage the sever-level virus platform to ensure that your specific server is healthy and clean at all times.

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SEO Web Hosting

Web Hosting - Wilma Garrett - December 27, 2019

Search engine optimization is a set of online techniques that you can employ in the hopes of taking your website to the next level. You see, people would typically go to different search engines to search for specific information.

If you are using SEO to a certain extent, your website might be displayed on the first few pages of the search engine results pages or SERPs.

That being said, search engine algorithms have changed over time to account for geography, among other things. So for instance, if the person who uses the search engine happens to be in Canada and they use the search term ‘restaurants’, the resulting page would lead them to restaurants that can be found near the area of the searcher.

This means that they might be given a list of Canadian restaurants, then American restaurants, so on and so forth.

Top hosting companies are using this mechanism to their advantage by providing more SEO web hosting approaches. Doing this will invariably make it better for their clients simply because their websites would rank higher than others. When choosing a web hosting service plan, you can have and get an idea on hostgator reviews Malaysia for more reliable reviews.

How Does This Work?

Now, you might be wondering how this all works? Well, web hosting companies would have to make sure that they have servers in multiple key locations around the world. This is to ensure that the search terms are going to be reliable since there are servers scattered wherever they need to be.

However, in doing so, you are going to have to contend with higher overhead costs since acquiring the servers and having people manage them would require huge sums of money to pull off.

That is why you typically only see large companies take advantage of SEO web hosting simply because this type of service is more expensive than the conventional one.

It is important to keep in mind that the packages that are being offered will depend on a number of factors, including the geographic location of the business entity and of their target audience, the entire countries covered, as well as miscellaneous expenses that hosting companies might impose to such clients.

However, there are some providers that will give small business owners a chance by providing them with much more affordable services that are somewhat similar to SEO web hosting, in general, albeit with some minor modifications.

By taking advantage of such a web hosting service, your website’s visibility over the internet will improve because of the fact that you take SEO into account.

So for example, if you are an American retailer and you want to expand to the Asian markets, using a more SEO-oriented approach to creating and hosting your website would mean that more and more Asians are able to see your website, therefore, giving you the chance of increasing your profits by doing it this way.

Again, if you are considering this type of service, be prepared to pay huge sums of money for the upkeep.

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The Basic Things You Need to Know About Website Hosting

Web Hosting - Wilma Garrett - August 7, 2019

Are you looking for high-quality website hosting services for your new blog? Choosing the right hosting plan for your new website is not easy, so you need to take your time deciding which agency and set up is the most appropriate for you. One of the best things you can do be able to choose well is to read web hosting reviews in Malaysia, and look into the most basic information on the matter.

Below are some of the basics you must know.

These are the things that may happen if you pick the wrong web hosting service.

1. Decreased SEO ranking

If Google’s web crawler visits your website repeatedly while it’s down, then that would decrease your SEO ranking drastically. This would result in lesser visitors, and lower SEO ranking.

2. Bad service and Low security

If your website hosting provider delivers limited security measures, and little possibilities for encrypting personal and business data, then the risk of being attacked and damaged will increase. If your host needs 2 days to address the website security issue, just imagine how much revenue and time it will cost you.

3. Loss in damage and revenue to the brand

In that period of time when your web pages are down, all products, services and blog posts will remain unavailable to prospective customers. That means that your business will lose plenty of sales and revenue.

There are the things you should consider when picking a web hosting provider.

1. Availability and scalability

One of the factors that can tell you a website hosting agency is reliable is that they don’t let their client’s websites go down for quite a while. While there is no web host out there that can offer a 100% uptime, a lot of reputable ones provide about 99%.

2. Customer support and service level

Efficient technical support and fast response time are important in website management. Look for a provider that can offer assistance 24/7 on any type of technical, security or maintenance issue. If there are other ways to get in contact, such as live chat and email, that is better.

3. Customer reviews and reputation

Before finalizing your deal with a website host, make sure to perform a thorough background check first. Read about customer feedback, credentials, maintenance, average downtime and more. By doing so, you can have a general idea on whether customers are contented and happy with their services.

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How much does it cost to host a website in 2019?

Web Hosting - Wilma Garrett - July 12, 2019

What amount does it cost to have a website? On the off chance that you self-have the expense can go from $1,100 to $3,800 at first, which incorporates the best website hosting, yet area, security, web advancement, support and, for online business, installment handling. The less expensive option is to get a hosting supplier, the expense of which relies upon the supplier, which we’ve spelled out in this guide.

You’re a startup and need your own business website or internet business site, and you’re pondering – what amount does it cost to have a website in 2019? To start with, you need to see how to put your site on the web, and you have three choices for this:

1. Hosting Services – the most widely recognized sort where you “lease” space from the servers of web hosting suppliers, for example, HostGator or InMotion Hosting.

2. Hosted Platforms – make your online business, store, or blog on stages with implicit hosting, for example, WordPress, Wix, or Shopify.

3. Host Your Own – a self-facilitated website where you deal with everything.

Whatever alternative you pick, it will cost you something, even on free facilitated stages, for example, additional transfer speed or extra room. Hosting a website, particularly a business or internet business site, includes a ton of things.

You need to guarantee that your site loads quickly since one examination demonstrated that practically 50% of web clients are likely to leave a site in the event that it doesn’t stack inside three seconds. What’s more, to imagine that 8 out of 10 American are currently online customers, you have to ensure that your website is receptive to exploit the pattern and get more clients purchasing from your site.

The previously mentioned and numerous different things fundamental to a business website, for example, uptime, unwavering quality, security, site management, online installment, and request handling ability, versatility, data transmission, and capacity limit, are frequently taken minded of by hosting administrations or facilitated stages.

The subject of what amount does it cost to have a website in 2019 will generally rely upon the features and capacities you’ll require from the various hosting suppliers accessible out there. In case you’re a little organization this helpful guide on the main 20 web hosting administrations suppliers for a private company is a decent begin to pick the correct supplier.

Imagine a scenario in which You Self-Hosted.

You can decide on a self-facilitated stage, despite the fact that this isn’t something that is prudent for a beginning business in light of the expenses and the difficulties.


The above cost appraisals expect that you redistribute a portion of the work since you can’t in any way, shape or form handle everything yourself particularly with regards to specialized, security, and support viewpoints. On the off chance that you go the DIY course, you’ll be in charge of observing your server, doing ordinary reinforcements and updates, and all other support to ensure that your framework is fit as a fiddle and running easily. Whenever you experience bugs and breakdowns, you’ll need to embrace investigating yourself.

On the off chance that you are a web-based business or online store, this region is something that requirements the most extreme consideration and thought. The wellbeing of your online business is in your grasp, and these incorporate PCI (Payment Card Industry) consistency and SSL affirmation beside guaranteeing that you have set up vigorous safety efforts, for example, spam and DDoS insurance, firewalls, organize security, and secure stockpiling, among others.

What amount does it cost to have a website in 2019? For a startup or private venture, the expense and challenges and numerous different components could be too huge to embrace and may finish up progressively costly. Besides, you’ll be expending loads of valuable time that ought to rather be dedicated to your business.

That is the reason for little developing organizations and notwithstanding for setting up ones, getting hosting administrations is a prevalent decision for reasons identified beneath.

While many do in reality has websites all alone, these are more on the dimension of individual sites, network gatherings, or exchange and specialty sites requiring less data transfer capacity, stockpiling or support. For heavier business website activities that need a few basic things working easily, hosting administrations will take the necessary steps for you and give benefits that altogether exceed the expenses.

Diminished Operating Costs

Contingent upon your spending limit and prerequisites, your website can live on shared-hosting servers, virtual private servers, or committed servers. The hosting administration will give you the transmission capacity and capacity you need, ensured uptime, updates, and upkeep without site interruption, help in information movement, wellbeing and security, site building and altering, personalization and customization, marking alternatives, mix, and additional items, specialized help, and numerous others.

As it were, they’ll do the truly difficult work so you can focus on developing your business.

Month to month memberships plans and costs can extend from $10 and beneath to $100 and up, with decisions in the middle. Many offer liberal limits and even complimentary gifts when you decide on straight year plans.

Our definite rundown of the top 20 web organizations of 2019 will acquaint you with a portion of the main hosting suppliers today and their contributions. All things considered, you’ll understand lower working expenses and better reserve funds over the long haul with a fixed month to month plan value that contains the features you need.

Solid Servers

A web hosting administration will give you solid servers in modern server farms. You’ll be ensured 99.99% uptime, the most recent top of the line equipment and programming, nonstop system observing programmed reinforcements and updates, and customary support.

This means your website will be open and available constantly and will load quickly. It additionally guarantees that servers lodging your website will be free of inconsistencies or potential issues and that any mistakes regardless of how little will be identified and took care of before they become enormous issues.

These are territories essential to your business that must be fully operational easily all day, every day.

Web Security

In connection to trustworthy servers, hosting administrations will ensure that your website is protected and secure. They will utilize programmed refreshes, security reviews, infection and malware checks, spam sifting, firewall arrangements, DDoS assurance, and another system/web security convention.

These are included security beside the protections that you introduce on your website, for example, passwords, two-level validation, and client level authorizations. You can likewise have a verified, unified cloud area where you can store and deal with every one of your records and reports.

In addition, some hosting administrations take care of free or reasonable area name enrollment and SSL authentication, the last for additional information wellbeing particularly if your website forms and acknowledges online installments.

Reliable Support

Something else you can depend on with hosting administrations which you don’t have in the event that you self-have is client support. This can come in numerous structures – an online client gateway that contains investigating arrangements; an information focus on the hosting supplier’s website that comprises of instructional exercise recordings, how-to guides, FAQs, webinars, and other accommodating assets; ticket framework; telephone or live visit; and email support. These help administrations are a regularly accessible day in and day out giving you whenever access to the supplier’s assistance work area group, specialized staff, and asset database.

In case you’re self-hosting, you’ll need to discover arrangements all alone when issues harvest up and your website is down. With hosting administrations, any trace of an issue and you can have reliable help to go to.

Other Included Features

Web hosting administrations more often than exclude numerous supportive features in their arrangements, for example, website developer and proofreader with implicit topics, design layouts, and picture display so you can rapidly make proficient looking websites; website administrator and email management instruments; DNS management; and combination with or simple movement to content management stages, for example, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla or with web-based business stages, for example, Shopify or Magento.

Likewise, typically offered are reinforcements and catastrophe recuperation; subsidiary projects with a credit or money rewards for referrals; capacity to adapt content on Google or Bing; an organization with many application and modules helpful for your business; and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Getting every one of these features independently while self-hosting may not be achievable. Regardless of whether it will be, it might be cost-restrictive.

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