How To Work Happily?

Being happy at work means, firstly, being a happy person yourself and being in a good emotional state, and secondly, having a positive understanding and view of work.

Being a happy person makes for a good emotional state. There needs to be sufficient happiness energy. There are many ways to increase happiness energy including sensory pleasure, the pleasure of purpose, the pleasure of value and meaning, the pleasure of charity and love, the pleasure of dominance and other ways of increasing happiness energy, which are equally effective in increasing energy. Sensory pleasures, including music, sports, visual beauty, games, gathering with friends, food, etc., give happiness energy. Goal happiness includes the energy given by family goals, hobbies, career goals, study goals, health goals, etc. The joy of worthiness includes the energy of happiness given by giving to others, to the community, to the nation, to humanity, etc. The joy of compassion is the energy of happiness given by helping and supporting the poor, the weak and the lonely. The joy of love refers to the energy of happiness given by the love of friends, relatives, love, etc. The joy of dominance, the control of the environment, the feeling of having followers and obedient people gives happiness. Specific ways to increase the energy of happiness. For example, online games could give an immediate way of happiness, if you are interested, please have a casino review

The first type of blissful energy is a sensory pleasure. For example, listening to music, enjoying the artwork, participating in sports, working on one’s favourite activity, planting flowers and birds, eating one’s favourite food, gathering with friends, playing games, etc., will immediately make one feel pleasure and joy. These sensory pleasures are essential in our lives. For example, after a stressful day at work, we can listen to music and feel very relaxed, happy and rested. After a period of uneventful work and study, going on a family trip can be particularly blissful. These are the energies that come from sensory pleasure, which are more easily accessible and constantly increase the energy of happiness in our bodies, especially when we come back from a trip and have a particularly good mood for a while.

The second type of happiness energy is the pleasure of purpose. Unlike sensual pleasure, the pleasure of purpose is a deeper and more lasting pleasure, the “pleasure of purpose”.

A life with a goal is a life to live, a life without a goal is a life to die. When we have a goal, we will consciously mobilise all aspects of ourselves to work towards it. The beautiful picture painted by the goal always comes to mind, guiding and inspiring us to work towards it. Without goals, the real picture of our lives would be that of time ticking away, life flowing involuntarily down the river of time in the direction of the end of life. If we have a purpose in life, we forget that death is coming and work courageously towards it, with joy and anticipation in our hearts. 


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